How to Use:

Expense data from July 1, 2011 forward can be obtained by setting different parameters to specify your search. The search parameters can be modified to return a spending report showing payments made:

On a specific transaction date (07/01/20XX)

Within a transaction date range (07/01/20XX to 06/30/20XX)

To specific vendor(s) on a specific transaction date (Acme, Inc. on 07/01/20XX)

To specific vendor(s) within a transaction date range (Acme, Inc. between 07/01/20XX to 06/30/20XX)

As there are many payment transactions processed on a daily basis by the University, caution should be used when inputting parameters. Broad parameters could result in an extensive listing of results to be included in the report which might cause delays in returning search results or your session to time out or expire. The transaction period “From” and “To” fields are required, but the “Vendor Name” field is optional.

To input report parameters, select the calendar icon to the right of the “From” and “To” transaction period fields. These icons will open the calendar drop-down feature. Select the beginning and ending dates of the transaction period you wish to search using the calendar drop-down menu. The transaction period dates will be displayed in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY.

The “Vendor Name” field allows you to narrow your search results based on a specific vendor. Input the vendor name completely (Acme, Inc.) or a portion of the name (i.e. Acme, Acme, Acm, etc.) and select the “Search” icon box to the right of the “Vendor Name” field. Wildcard indicators such as the asterisk (*) should not be used. A listing of possible vendors matching your search will be listed immediately below the field. Select the vendor(s) you wish to view by placing a checkmark in the box to the left of the name. You may select one name or as many names as you would like to include in the report. However, remember the more vendors selected will result in larger reports and longer search times.

Once the search parameters are complete, select the “Submit” button at the bottom to preview the listing of applicable transactions. The “Clear/Restart” button will clear all search parameters. To return to the search parameters, select the "Clear/Restart" button located at the top left corner of the listing.